John Holbrook


Hi, I’m John Holbrook and this is my website. I’m interested mostly in computer science, sailing, educational robotics, and making and modifying things, primarily things related to the first three interests. The site serves to catalog the things I make and do, as well as other content about me and my interests. Pages are categorized below.


CSV Converter
Convert CSV data to HTML, LaTeX, and ASCII Tables

PTC Fuses in VEX Robots: A Guide
Or, how to avoid your motors "stalling" in the middle of a match

VEX Tournament Manager for VRC
An eight-part video series covering the VEX Tournament Manager software for VRC

The NXT: Mindstorms Gets Smarter
A hardware and programming guide to the second-generation Mindstorms platform

I Can't Believe It's Not a Picture
Rendering high-resolution images of LEGO models on a Mac

The RCX, 19 years later
A guide to using LEGO's first Mindstorms programmable brick in 2017

Organizing my LEGO® Parts
Organizing and arranging my LEGO® parts in individual drawers

About FaRCX
How, why, and where the FaRCX project came to be

Setup/Equipment Overview
Because everyone has to hame a "setup tour"

LDD Sets
Educational LEGO® sets laid out in LEGO® Digital Designer