John Holbrook

VEX Tournament Manager for VRC

An eight-part video series covering the VEX Tournament Manager software for VRC

Recently I've been using and learning about the VEX Tournament Manager software for volunteering at VEX Robotics Competition events. More recently, I produced a series of eight YouTube videos, exploring the software and walking through some of its functionality throughout a sample tournament. For convenience, all eight videos are embedded below. First, though, some disclaimers and notes:


  1. I am not affiliated with VEX, IFI, RECF, or the developers of the VEX TM software. This isn't an official video series.
  2. This is not a complete guide. There are complete guides available online, including the user guide that comes with the software.
  3. I probably got some stuff wrong, and there's definitely functionality that I missed (see disclaimer #1).


VEX TM is a complex software package with a lot of functionality. The best way to learn about the software is to use it. Thus, I'd encourage new users to play around with VEX TM in pretend emvironments before using it at actual tournaments. For such purposes, the team data CSV file I used can be downloaded here.

With that, on to the videos:

Part 1: Tournament Creation Wizard & Connecting Multiple Computers

Part 2: Displays

Part 3: Check-in & Inspection

Part 4: Qualifying Matches

Part 5: Alliance Selection

Part 6: Elimination Matches

Part 7: Skills Challenge Matches

Part 8: Awards & Slides