John Holbrook


FaRCX is software for controlling LEGO® RCX robots over the internet, with live-streaming video. It's a joint project between myself and Philip Taylor.

FaRCX is the spiritual successor to Red Rover, Red Rover, a previous project to establish a world-wide network of remotely-operable RCX robots. FaRCX is better than the RRRR software because it runs on modern operating systems, works with live-streaming video (RRRR just sent a new still image every time you did something), and is powered by such newfangled web technologies as PHP and Javascript.

I wrote more about the origins and motivations behind FaRCX in this post.

The code for FaRCX is open source and available on GitHub:

FaRCX on GitHub

An installation of FaRCX is sometimes available at