John Holbrook

Webcam Test Page

If you've just set up a webcam, you probably want to make sure that it works before joining that important meeting and learning no one can see you. There are lots of "webcam test" websites out there, but all the ones I could find were littered with terrible ads, played a multi-second animation claiming to "test" your camera before showing you the image, or did something else similarly sketchy.

All I wanted was a page that let me choose among all the cameras connected to my computer, and showed me the output of whichever one I chose, with no ads or other BS. But I couldn't find one.

So I made one:

(yes, I did set up a green screen behind my desk)

It does the only thing you need a webcam test page to do: show you the output of your webcam.

Check it out here:

Webcam Test Page

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